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In today’s fast-paced society, health and wellbeing has become a bigger focus for most of us than ever before.

In between work, family, friends and social media, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make time for things we love doing can seem like an impossible task.

This has led to the rise of convenience-based services, such as restaurant delivery apps Uber Eats and Deliveroo, grocery and meal-kit delivery services like Hello Fresh and the ability to outsource errands through Airtasker.

As we continue to place a higher value on our personal time, we have seen an increase in the number of people living in inner-city areas to reduce time wasted on the train or in traffic every day.

New home buyers are willing to pay a premium to be close to work, amenities and public transport as they know it will have a positive impact on their overall quality of life.

A recent report from Oxford University reveals that people who live in built-up residential areas are happier and healthier than their suburban counterparts, with decreased levels of obesity and increased levels of activity and social interaction.

This shift towards lifestyle-focused residential living is bringing unparalleled levels of ameni-ty, convenience and social interaction to the market.

Nowhere is this more evident than at West End in West Melbourne, an impressive inner-city lifestyle community designed to cater to every want and need of its residents and the surrounding community.

Comprising 377 residential apartments across four distinct buildings, the complex will also feature a hotel, multiple parks and gardens and over 6,000sqm of retail and commercial space.

Offering a community-focused hub for residents and locals alike, West End will deliver a retail arcade, restaurants, cafes, bars, a gym, a day spa and much more.

Life’s day-to-day tasks will be a breeze with an on-site childcare centre, IGA supermarket and medical centre. Residents won’t need to go too far for rest and relaxation or enter-taining friends and family, with three pools, a gym and spa, wine cellar and 50-seat pri-vate cinema.

This premium lifestyle community will also save many residents a long commute, being just 500 metres from Melbourne’s CBD and the best shopping, dining and entertainment the city has to offer. Two major train stations and several tram routes allow for quick and easy travel to surrounding suburbs.

It’s easy to see how without having to go much further than the doorstep for groceries, doctor’s appointments or the gym, residents’ time will be freed up for focusing on the things that make them happy.

Adding to the sense of happiness and wellbeing these lifestyle precincts offer is the op-portunity to connect with your neighbours, something that is lacking in many communities today.

Studies have shown that Australians are becoming increasingly disconnected from their neighbours; in the mid-1980s the average Australian knew 7.1 people in their local area they could ask for small favours. In the mid-2000s, that number had dropped to 5.7 peo-ple, and is slated to continue declining.

With a recent study from Relationships Australia revealing not speaking to your neighbours was linked to poor physical and mental health, it’s no surprise a sense of community and belonging can positively impact your overall wellbeing.

Residential lifestyle precincts like West End that offer communal spaces, such as shared dining areas, parks, pools, and entertainment facilities are an excellent place for regular social interaction and to form meaningful connections, which is also linked to a reduced sense of loneliness and isolation.

There are various factors to consider when purchasing a new home, but perhaps the most important is how it will shape your lifestyle and ultimately your health and happiness.